Dear readers,

Today is an important day for the MSB as we decided with David Hayman (the founder), to close it because we miss some time, and our sense of perfection and our infinite love for music does not allow us to do it “halfway”.

The MSB since 2012, it represents 350 posts read 36 400 times by 16 000 visitors in tens and tens of countries thru the whole world.

That was a great adventure.
I loved it.
I love your messages.
I loved your submissions.
I learnt a lot.
I opened myself.
I want to thank you all, and specially my big bro David, for having given me those happy times.
I’m feeling so grateful for the MSB who allowed me to be its best friend when I was lonely.

I’m feeling so grateful for you all, and I send you virtual hugs.


MSB MONTHLY MIX curated by David Hayman of SUPERGROUP

It’s DECEMBER and this is your MSB MONTHLY MIX curated by David Hayman of SUPERGROUP SONIC BRANDING CO for THEMUSICSUPERBLOG •••  #WEARETHESUPERGROUP #THEMUSICSUPERBLOG #DECEMBER #DHH #MSB ••••• No lumps of coal in here.  Only gold!  Lots of Canadian gems and only one song that even mentions the word ‘holiday’.  Phew.  We made it.  Ho Ho Ho!

LIVE! iamamiwhoami

The 1 hour and 27 minutes longlive performance by iamamiwhoami entitled CONCERT IN BLUE is now streaming in full on YouTube !



Hip Hop ! Dabbla(UK) & Peezo(Aus) °°double friday menace


Hey MSB!

So happy to blog today about my two favorite emerging rappers: Dabbla(UK) & Peezo(Australia) , who set the standard for intelligent hip hop. 

Dabbla? inching toward the future with a fuller sound and different looks.

Peezo?a breath of PURE fresh air (and funky beats) from the usual rap bollocks we hear these days. 

Both ? Oozing confidence, clarity, FUN and common sense. These two guys tackle their topics like real bosses : distilling complex thoughts with great flow into simple, powerful rhymes !

dope !

definitely on my radar…

have a great w.e MSB !


Son Of Kick – Gully feat. Dabbla


Mika Abadie (France) , known to the music world as Son Of Kick, is not one to conform to expectations. Whether it be through his unpredictable and explosive productions, his high-octane live sets or his contentious and critically acclaimed music videos, this West London-based producer, DJ, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist continues to eschew traditional means in favour of something much more exciting…

” Following his remix of ASAP Rocky’s ‘Everyday,’ Son Of Kick is here once again to turn the hip-hop world on its head. This time, SOK has teamed up with UK rapper Dabbla for a grimy new original, and Buygore’s latest release.

Gully” captivates the listener right off the bat, much in part to the combination of Son Of Kick’s heavy bass and high-octane synths along with Dabbla’s passionate verses and hype delivery.  Peep the track and turn up below.  “

(source Runthetrap)

More Dabbla there  :