Hayman will tell you that Supersonic stands for “music supervision x sonic branding”. But if you ask any of the countless brands, artists, creative directors, or movie & television producers that he’s worked with over the years, Supersonic is representative of a true, honest and authentic approach to finding win/win situations for everyone involved in any of his projects. Whether it be thru finding the perfect song for a dramatic moment, diving deep into his global network of publishers, labels and artists directly to nail the perfect sound for any given TV spot, or developing integrated experiential campaigns to enable brands to connect impact-fully with their audience, David’s success can be attributed to putting equal emphasis on “Super” relations and “Sonic” prowess. Through his decade as a music supervisor, Hayman has worked on countless award-winning shows and advertising campaigns, including series like Rookie Blue for ABC and other hits on Global, CTV, CBC, and NBC. On the ad side, his music placement portfolio boasts campaigns for Telus, Volkswagen, TD, Coca-Cola, Blackberry, Toyota, Ford, MTV, GMC Chevy, Virgin, Logitech and the classic, Dove Campaign for Real Beauty ‘Evolution’ ad, which broke records for winning (literally) every major award category it could. On the events side, David has conceptualized and executed memorable campaigns for Corona, Coca-Cola, and Nestea. His list of film credits are far too long to list but include many studio and independent feature films and the occasional pet-project which David, a filmmaker at heart, cannot seem to avoid. David is also the Creative Director of project ONEFIVEOH, celebrating the lead-up to Canada’s sesquicentennial. Despite his credentials, Hayman is disinterested in resting on his accolades-to-date. Instead, his drive to continue to accomplish the unthinkable for his clients and his friends (which soon become one-in-the-same) is his defining characteristic. As the relationships between music, moving pictures and real-life experiences continue to become intertwined, it is David Hayman and Supersonic Creative that forge that creative entanglement.


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