Gregory Alan Isakov – If I Go, I’m Going

Picture 1

Oh my MSB lovelies…do I have a treat for you!

Was catching up on my “Netflix” & this Magnificent song was playing at the end of a episode!!!  Didn’t know who the artist was…pulled out my trusty “Shazam” app and low & behold…I was graced with this genius of an artist’s name.

Gregory Alan Isakow.

Born in South Africa (which has been producing some amazing artist…btw), raised in Philly and now calls Boulder, CO home.  Some of his musical influences have been Leonard Cohen, Kelly Joe Phelps & the great Bruce Springsteen.  You can totally hear some of those great artist’s style in the song,“If I Go, I’m Goin”.  A song made up of some powerful lyrics:

“I will go if you ask me to
I will stay if you dare
and if I go, I’m goin crazy
I’ll let my darlin take me there”

Sit back and enjoy my loves…I sure did.



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