Mariee Sioux “Buried in Teeth”

mariee sioux

Good morning dear readers!

So stoked to blog Mariee Sioux today (finally///) … she  is 30 and a descendant of native americans.. Her poetry has the strength of the old legends, it is inhabited by the souls of her ancestors.

Born in Nevada City, a small town of 3,000 inhabitants in the north of California (formerly the land of the gold rush) now an Eldorado where you can cross musicians, postmodern hippies and  those folk mermaidsAlela Diane, Alina Hardin andMariee Sioux.  

Her youthful voice carries a new ancestral word, with the stubborn strength of some eternal childhood.  Each song seems to be a collection of nursery rhymes, that run in loop as sweet incantations. Her folk, is infused with nature and magic. 

Mariee sings with an open heart. I guess she is soft but thin-skinned.

It’s deep, it’s sincere. pretty and delicate.  Well, we love it.


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