MusicSuperReview #12 – Aminé Ramer

The MusicSuperBlog through this new section is pleased to regularly present to you a professional (music supervisor, musician, producer, etc..) of the film or ad industry, by subjecting him/her to a kinda bitch quiz, truth game, friendship book or Chinese portrait.

Well. You get it. That’s TheMusicSuperReview.

Oh yeah I’m so glad to welcome YOU Aminé today…!

She is one of the first music supervisors I met, many years ago. Since then, I got to place this very cool track of the band Concrete Knives thanks to her, in the film American Sexy Phone (For A good time call…), amongst many others Parisian bands’ tracks used for brands like Pinkberry stores, and recently Old navy, thanks to her again. A native of Auckland, New Zealand, Ramer credits her career path to her upbringing in an environment that encouraged the development of individuality and seeking out the new rather than following trends. As a music supervisor and consultant, she has influenced the sound and mood of feature films, documentaries and award-winning television series for nearly a decade. Her success can be attributed to a careful selection of significant artists, ranging from the unknown to the popular, and her keen sensibility to create a visceral experience by connecting sight with sound.

Last time I met Aminé, the sun was already high and hot in the large morning blue sky of Venice Beach, CA. And although Abbot Kinney surrounds are magical, it could not compete with the adorable smile of Aminé who, kindness incarnate, still had the most thoughtful advices and this immense passion for music.



Date of Birth:  none of your business (!)

I Love:  Music, New Zealand, My Family, Trees, Funny Curious People, Food, Sci Fi, Steven Fry.

I Hate:  intolerance, including my own..

My Favorite Color:  Blue
My Weakness:  Just one?
The Other Job I Could Have Done:  Environmental impact assessor /resource management
The One Thing I Would Take On a Deserted Island:  A boat
Sweet or Savory? Savory
Crispy or Fresh?  Crispy
At this moment, I listen to:  Superhumanoids, Jessy Lanza, John Grant, Rae & Christian, Autre Ve Neut, John Wizards.
At this time, I am reading:  Amsterdam – Ian McEwan
My idol when I was ten years old:  Nelson Mandela
Today my idol is:  Nelson Mandela
Three adjectives that describe me: Happy, neurotic, truthful
My motto:  We are all made from the same dust.
My favorite soundtrack:  Rushmore

The person with whom I dream to work with one day:  Steven Fry

The question posed to you by the previous victim of the MusicSuperReview (Alexandre Mahout – EuropaCorp films): Working in the music business, you must have met many artists. Have you always thought that they should be treated in a special way, or do you think being an artist do not protect from the real world?
Refer to my motto.. however as with any job if you are a good artist it is nice to be acknowledged for it, but that does not make one any more special than anyone else.

The question I pose to the next victim of the MusicSuperReview:
What do you do after having a client or director want to use music you know does not work or is bad ? After you have tried everything to persuade and convince them otherwise do you:
a) Drink
b) take your name of the project
c) go see some good music.
d) Tell yourself music is subjective and maybe it isn’t that bad.

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