ZZ Ward – 365 Days (The Summer’s Over)

My MSB darlings!!!
Happy Holidays from Los Angeles!  
I bring you today this AMAZING singer/songwriter named…ZZ WARD.  Born in Pennsylvania – moved to Oregon and when she turned 18…hit the road to LA.  She was quickly picked up by E. Kidd Bogart’s, Boardwalk Entertainment Group.  Her single, “Til the Casket Drops”  was featured as the TV promo campaign for 3 seasons of the ABC Family Hit, ” Pretty Little Liars” 
She has worked with the likes of Kendrick Lamar (“Cryin Wolf” – OMG sooo good!!), Childish Gambino & my ALL TIME FAVE…Fitz from Fitz & The Tantrums.  Her sound can be best described as a mixture of Blues, Rock, Soul & Hip-Hop.  She is addicting!!! 
“365 Days (The Summer’s Over)” is my favorite song.  Every girl has been there & can relate to this song.  Her songwriting comes from the heart.  She has been hurt, but is not going to let that person take the best of her.  LOVE IT!!!  To me…she is this generations “Alanis Morissette”.
“Three hundred sixty five days
You been making me wait
So keep your two-timing games
It’s a lot of too late
The summer’s over, over, over
Over, over, over”
Enjoy my loves!

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