MusicSuperReview #9 – Gary Calamar

The MusicSuperBlog through this new section is pleased to regularly present to you a professional (music supervisor, musician, producer, etc..) of the film’s or ad’s music supervision industry, by subjecting him/her to a kinda bitch quiz, truth game, friendship book or Chinese portrait.. Well. That’s TheMusicSuperReview.

Introducing … Gary Calamar ..!  President of Go Music, he is a five time Grammy-nominated producer and music supervisor. He has overseen the music on some of the most acclaimed and popular shows on television including “Six Feet Under”, “True Blood”, “Dexter”, “Entourage”, “Weeds” and “House”.  Gary is also a songwriter and co-wrote the song “Let’s Boot and Rally” performed by Iggy Pop and Bethany Cosentino for True Blood,  an author “Record Store Days” (with Phil Gallo), and DJ at public radio powerhouse KCRW.

We first met a bunch of years ago in Paris, and,  till last August when he kindly welcomed me into his office in the sunny Los Angeles, Gary is still impressing me by his ability of “real” listening, that always got this special great availability and benevolence, that characterize him so well.


GaryPHOTO by Lisa Margolis.

Date of Birth :   I was born in ’45, turned ’33 in ’78
I Love:   Going back to sleep in the morning
I Hate:   When all male bands put pretty girls on the album cover to trick us in to thinking she is in the band.
My Favorite Color:   Midnight Blue
My Weakness:  Wheat Thins
The Other Job I Could Have Done:      A salesman, like maybe in a, uh, haberdasher, or maybe like a, uh, um… a chapeau shop or something. You know, like, “Would you… what size do you wear, sir?” (me and Nigel Tufnel)
The Thing One Thing I Would Take On a Deserted Island:   Shea Butter Hand Cream
Sweet or Savory?    Swavory
Crispy or Fresh?    Frispy
At this moment, I listen to:  David Bowie
    At this time, I am reading:  Mojo #  240
    My idol when I was ten years old:  Mickey Mantle
    Today my idol is:   Bruce Springsteen
    Three adjectives that describe me:  Cool, Calm, Collectable
My motto:   There’s a right time, and there’s a right place…but then there is the back door.
    My favorite soundtrack: True Blood Volume 4 
    The person with whom I dream to work with one day :    Aaron Sorkin and/or Kate Moss
    The question posed to you by the previous victim of the MusicSuperReview (Colin Beswick -Disney) : If You could play an instrument (apart from the one you already might play) what would it be? :  Piano

    The question I pose to the next victim of the MusicSuperReview:  In this current climate, do you ever consider getting out of the music business?

One thought on “MusicSuperReview #9 – Gary Calamar

  1. Marrsha Sill says:

    Gary Calamar is totally awesome..Read HIS book!

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