BAck in town ! See you soon, Canada !

Image 1

oh hey there ! 

back to Paris =!  …and really a

mazed by this second trip to Canada 😉

thank you guys for all the good music & bands,,, thank you Canada for all the incredible landscapes, forrests  & quiet lakes & the foxes (who came to me and actually didn’t make any sound even if I asked him to),,, many thanks to FM103.3 in Montreal for the funniest interview invitation ever ahah,,,  thank you guys for the incredible food,,, thanks everybody for the amazing vibes,,, SPECIAL thanks to my amazing friends there. I miss you already dudes and dudettes..  I’ll be back soon ! I promess !

What better way to celebrate this today with the German producer Marius Lauber ?!  aka Roosevelt, who is definitely one of the best musician from 2013! Here’s the official video for “Montreal,” ( I love hard-disco..) which is taken from his latest “Elliot” EP, released in August via Greco-Roman.  buy the EP on iTunes.  dude!



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