Piers Faccini “my burden is light…”


Such a beautiful song from the French most discreet artist and promising student, of the songwriting and folk stateless school..

Piers Faccini, you’re a careful goldsmith. You even know how to melt the grace of the English folk, the warm tones of the Mandingo culture, and the purity of the radest Mississippi’s country-blues.

Thank you so much. This song makes my day. And I know what it is talking about.


I’ve been taken I’ve been enslaved, I’ve been captured I’ve been saved.
Been out wandering traveling lost , My hands are shackled my heart is crossed.

Sacred wine straight from the grape,  A prisoner in love can never escape.
My task is done my burden is light , The dawn will come for the end of the night .

Joy joy , I’m out of luck
Joy joy , I give up

Together we’ll wake up together we’ll sleep , We’ve tied the knot this bond we’ll keep.
Turn the lock from the outside in , This wheel of fate can roll and spin.

Captive soldier betrayed by love , Sees no bars he sees the stars above.
A link and a tie and a lover’s embrace , A paradise made touched by grace.

One thought on “Piers Faccini “my burden is light…”

  1. […] already talked about Piers F. here on the MSB and his amzing music, then I recently discovered this song, and the video shot in a lil […]

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