Crocodiles “CRIMES OF PASSION” is a phenomenal album from track one to nine.  Yup short and sweet.  No big sprawling Crocodile tracks like the ones we heard on Endless Flowers but it’s clear that might have been the mandate going into the studio…. tighten it up.  I miss the dirty haze but, oh!, it’s tight.  Check out this new song and DON’T FEAR THE CROCODILES.  They will be invading and you can’t do anything about it.

The Crocodiles – Cockroach from Tell All Your Friends PR on Vimeo.

Crocodiles – Cockroach (Stereogum Premiere)

Crocodiles Crimes of Passion Web

Official ::: Facebook ::: Twitter ::: pre-order CRIMES OF PASSION on itunes

– David


  1. Noa Benattar says:

    Nice sound! It reminds me about Vicky Gryer, which released an EXCELLENT first LP earlier this year. Do you know them?

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