KATY’S got game!

Really stoked to introduce a new fresh voice to the MusicSuperBlog.  Her name is Katy Maravala and she is an aspiring Music Supervisor working with Supersonic Creative in Toronto, by way of London.  She’s been doing it in the industry in Toronto for seven years now working with some great folks at Distort and The Agency Group.  She’s got perspective, style and a great set of ears.  Open your hearts to Katy and let her music-picks win you over.  Here are two gems she wanted to share for starters….


Formed in 1995 as a three piece, but now play as an eight piece. (Licking Fingers)

One of their songs from their debut album “Say Something New“, has been featured on a number of television advertisements in the United States for Target. “You Can’t Hurry Love“, also from their debut album, has been used in major motion pictures and other films.


CADE (Toronto)

Newly formed Toronto band, on the up and up!

Interesting Fact: Kaiya Cade loves The Incredible String Band   Genre: Folk / Indie   Record Label: UnSigned


– Katy

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