Cool Music for a hot Summer in Paris..!

msb 35+

Oh yeah .. This is what it is happening right now … !

hot summer todays in Paris.. joy and awesomeness ; with temperature from 86°F thru 95°F, everybody (even  tourists ahha) is obviously feeling great and enjoying the town, its sunny coffee’s & restaurants terrasses, picnics… parks… woods, romantic riversides.. And of course, gigs and festivals everywhere with my dudes & dudettes ../

Of course, this one FNAC@Hotel de Ville   who happened this week-end was really RAD (again) specially with breakbot live on friday, and Christine & the Queens saturday playing again this year… Special memories to me, ahh

 Man! today, I realize that this is my last week in Paris before leaving for a longgg vacations,  which are normally going to be awesome. Well, todays I’m feeling euphoric ; so what about introducing you here to what plays in my ears at the moment in this France’s magical atmosphere?

ps. oh yeah sorry,  those are my feet on the right picture above (taken yesterday while relaxing and hearing birds @ my beloved Bois de Vincennes after a long running;   ahaha just seen that this morning)

Have a wonderful summer guys!


Clubfeet – Cape Town (Panama Remix)

As big as Clubfeet have been in Australia over the past couple of years, I could never truly get into their music. With that said I didn’t listen to their sophomore album in its entirety, which meant I had never come across the single “Cape Town” until now. Leave it to fellow Aussies Panama to give this song the attention that it deserved with this dreamy disco remix.


Postiljonen – Help

Scandinavian jewel..again!

Mia Bøe, Daniel Sjörs and Joel Nyström Holm have created spans international borders and genres with slow-building drum thumps, synths that stretch like salt-water taffy and airy vocals that almost melt into the background. Skyer is out now on Best Fit Recordings


Summer Heart – Milano

Just in time for a full week of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer Heart has released a video for “Milano”. The solo venture of David Alexander, Summer Heart laid dormant since its sound was first forged in the musician’s father’s house in 2009. The following year, Alexander’s German friends spread the songs online and blogs started to take notice of the Swede. While we wait for the imminent release of Summer Heart’s new album, enjoy the sun-kissed nostalgic video made by Jonas Börjesson for the blissful electro pop track, “Milano” – a soundtrack for your summer of love.


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