Those girls are my secret music weapon.

Hi MSB’s dudes & dudettes !

Today, I now give the floor to three great professionnal in music; some wonderful women in my life, who have serious good taste in music, and because the music is obviously based on sharing.

Introducing Willa, Georgette, and Lucie. I can tell you, they really desserve a post since it’s a never ending pleasure for me to talk and sharemusic with them. ALWAYS a source of joy and often new incredible discoveries aswell,  in all genres.

Thank you girls… Please, keep on making my days.

can’t wait to hang with the two of you in L.A soon!


Georgette’s pick of the day

Daley – Silly Games (UK)


Man! this is good. UK’s rising soul man Daley’s cover of Janet Kay’s 1979 “Silly Games”, is an appetiser till the elease of his eagerly anticipated album.

Awesome vocal performance. I love the atmosphere in this song. Sexy, warm, and sharp arrangements. Like if Asaf Avidan has a track produced by Lenny Kravitz.

Willa’s pick of the day

Brenda Russell – A Little Bit Of Love (U.S)

80’s pop FM Funk

WHAT? I didn’t know this singer ??

indeed. So I went straight into Wikipedia and I read this : “Known for her eclectic musical style, her recordings have encompassed several different genres, including pop, soul, dance, jazz and adult contemporary. As well as composing and recording her own material, Russell’s songwriting and vocal talents have been used by Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Earth, Wind & Fire, Joni Mitchell, Donna Summer, Flo Rida and Sting. ”

WOW. wicked. I immediatly dug this track since it reminds me of all the shiny songs of The Jones Girls, then, Incognito and Brand new Heavies (and more…)  that I love so much.

Anyway, thanks to Willa,  now I know that I know somebody I can safely revise my  U.S 70’s classics, with. It is promised that in exchange, I teach her everything I know about the 50s and ’60s French’s classic. We made this deal. ah!

 Lucie’s pick of the day

Professor Genius – Time of the Assassins Steve Moore Remix  (New York)

Minimal – electro new wave

 Lucie : “I’ve been listening to this track.. and I thought it would please you”  (…)

omg. OF course. It does.

And I had a blast since the first seconds of those divine synth naps.

Moore’s reinterpretation of “Assassins” strips away much of the original’s gauzey textures, pushing dancefloor ready synth sequences to the forefront, even as it laces the track with its own complex mystique.

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