Boy – Valeska Steiner / Sonja Glass

BOY – Little Numbers  (Swiss – Germany)



Many thanks to my friend Georgette in L.A who introduced me to this song! I didn’t know these girls but this track is so cool, so driving. Seems like the Boy phenomenon began with this song: Little Numbers – the irresistible debut single which has sparked countless YouTube tributes. This video was shot in Barcelona -my new beloved city. So many radness overthere…omg…

Valeska Steiner has incredible singing skills, and..  oh yeah… so pretty eyes. argghh

With its compelling and breezy optimism, this tune is one of those out-of-nowhere pop hits that bring a smile to your face.

 there are many chances that I play and sing many times to  this song on my way  to South-West in a couple hours. 

 ♪   Woo-oh, oh-oh ! ♫   all the pretty things that we could be   ♫

I’m sorry in adavce for the other passengers. Ahah

Good week end everybody!




Bonus Track for my Week-End  ….  😉


Oh YEAH…. And this one too !

SO Good.


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