TheMusicSuperReview #6 – Holly Hung

The MusicSuperBlog through this new section is pleased to regularly present to you a professional (music supervisor, musician, producer, etc..) of the film’s or ad’s music supervision industry, by subjecting him/her to a kinda bitch quiz, truth game, friendship book or Chinese portrait.. Well. That’s TheMusicSuperReview.

Introducing … Holly Hung!  Music Supervisor. But you know what ? she could have been a police officer too. So. Hey. Watch out.

She has over 17 years of experience placing and producing music for award-winning motion picture advertising campaigns. As of now, she has worked on over 400+ different motion picture campaigns for studios and various production companies. Currently, she is the Music Director at Mob Scene Creative. Her favorite trailers she’s music-supervised include The Hunger Games, Watchmen, Sucker Punch, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Curious Case of Benjamin Button and various trailers and TV spots for all eight of The Harry Potter campaigns.

She also music-supervised “300” trailer”. One of my fave film… So I’m obliged to be a big fan of Holly, then.



Date of Birth :   May 16th (that’s all you’re getting)

I Love: My Family, rock climbing and music

I Hate:  Cilantro

My Favorite Color:  Coral and Aqua

My Weakness: Makeup and plain M&M’s

The Other Job I Could Have Done: Police Officer

The Thing One Thing I Would Take On a Deserted Island: Sunscreen

Sweet or Savory?  Sweet then savory, savory then sweet

Crispy or Fresh?  Fresh AND crispy

At this moment, I listen to:  “Pull Me Down” Mikky Ekko

    At this time, I am reading:  Grace: A Memoir (Grace Coddington)

    My idol when I was ten years old:  MJ

    Today my idol is: Gwen Stefani and people who help people.

    Three adjectives that describe me: Compassionate, strong and brave

    My motto: Don’t Worry.  Be Happy.

    My favorite soundtrack:  Singles (because I’m a grunge girl at heart).

    The person with whom I dream to work with one day :  Baz Luhrmann

    The question posed to you by the previous victim of the MusicSuperReview (Erin Dillon – Creative Control L.A) : “Provided you are not in a band, what would your fictitious band name be?”  : An all-girl punk band named SUGAR TITS.

    The question I pose to the next victim of the MusicSuperReview:  What song title would sum up your life so far?

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