George Maple …


George Maple is a young Australian songstress now based in London, who has been making waves on the dance music scene, offering her beautiful vocals for Flight Facilities and Flume. She’s one of the most beautiful new female voices I’ve heard in 2013, alongside Lorde, London Grammar, Daughter, Deani Moore, Serena Ryder, The Staves, and of course…. Nicole Millar singing “Phantasm”….

She is a Jessie Ware in the making, and I’ve been heard she is currently in the studio, recording new material …  With OPST, we dive into the George’s world, which is colored with delicacy and extreme nicety. Her soulfulness is comforting and true.

Ok guys…now I have to leave this computer before I’m late !..  off to some radness and crazyness in some mediterranean islands.

I’m sure the very good David Hayman is gonna take care of ya’ll very well. I see you in a bunch of weeks …

good bye !


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