Finally someone did an awesome BECK song-reader recording

Yeah so, finally someone did an awesome BECK song-reader recording…

“WHY DID YOU MAKE ME CARE” performed by Hey Ocean! (written by Beck

From YouTube 

The Green Couch Sessions are a live music video project filmed with emerging musicians.

Artist: Hey Ocean
Song: ‘Why Did You Make Me Care’ from Beck’s latest album ‘Song Reader’

Way back in January we attended Beckstravaganza, a really cool event put together by Noah Walker of local band The Broken Mirrors. The fantastically curated concert featured 20 local musicians each performing a tune from Beck’s latest album ‘Song Reader’.

‘Song Reader’ was uniquely released entirely on sheet music in December 2012. The brilliant release prompted musical Beck fans all over the world to read the music and learn the tunes, and the Beckstravaganza concert let us not so musically inclined enjoy his melodies, beats and lyrics performed by some of our favorite musicians.

The moment we heard Hey Oceans!’ rendition of “Why Did You Make Me Care” we knew we needed to capture it on the Green Couch in a truly special location. The very fine folks at the Vancouver Aquarium where happy to help us out and to host this special session … we just needed to keep the volume low for the sharks.

Hosted by: The Vancouver Aquarium

Filmed and Edited by:Jonathan Krauth
Filmed by: Brian Ceci
Audio Recorded by: Christopher Matei and Ranza Recording
Audio Mixed by Christopher Matei

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Please link to other great BECK Song-Reader performances or Soundcloud recordings and we[‘d be happy to share them with the MSB fans.  Hit us!  (Don’t think we won’t just delete the shitty ones though.  Have a great day).  – D.

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