my today’s playlist!

Yes..:) Actually, this post since three friends of mine asked me today the same question :

“Dude! what are you digging right now?”. 

SO, suddenly I felt a bit dazed and confused. Like this girl :

THEN I had to react.

Well, I took a look at my web brower’s history and picked up some of my  favorites today !..

have fun with it 🙂


FRANCE_ INDIE DISCO ( Juveniles – “Fantasy”)


ROMANIA_CHILL-WAVE (Sun Glitters – “Too Much to lose” / CΛNS remix)


SWEDEN_ THE 80’s SYNTH POP BIG FATTY BOSS (Mitch Murder – “Breeze”) > I’m listening to it every day anyway. Not a secret.


FRANCE_FRENCH OLDIE (Michel Legrand – “La Chanson de Maxence”)


UK_DEEP HOUSE  (Jonas LR – “Cockiness”)




FRANCE_80’s POP WAVE ( Aline – “Je bois et puis je danse”)


UK_CHILL WAVE (George Maple – “OPST”)


IRELAND_POP – Shoegaze – HIP HOP (Young Wonder – “Time” Feat. Sacred Animals)


FRANCE_DISCO – FRENCH TOUCH  (Jupiter – “Juicy Lucy”)


US_METAL (Pantera – “Cowboys From Hell”)


US_POP (Rhye – “Open”)


FRANCE_INDIE – FRENCH TOUCH (Trésors – “Pleine Lune” [Anoraak remix])


UK_POP ROCK (A – “The Springs”)


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