November of the Cool.

Hello MSB readers, it’s good to see (well, to e-see ..) you again !

Let’s play some chill-out music this week. Here are some bands I like to have with me all the time when I need to rest a bit, and I wanted to share em with you.

These guys come from many places in the world, whatever ages, every kind:  electronic music, jazz, abstract hip-hop, ambient, shoegaze, soul, trip-hop…  No particular rules for this post.. except accompagny you to feel like  the champion of couch nap and tea time for this Thanksgiving holiday.

Because sometimes it’s good doing nothing. Yes. But please, do it with the right music, at least.  Muhahah.

See you soon.


Acos CoolKAs – Free Flight (Russia)



Acos CoolKAs are ‘Konstantin Atomas’ and ‘Vasiliy Basalaev’ from Omsk, a City of Southern Siberia in Russia. Yes , there are people living in this corner of the world producing cool Electronic music. Vasiliy & Konstantin met in 2001 and soon discovered their taste in 70s & 80s bands such as Space, Zodiac & Kraftwerk, and also contemporary artists like Daft Punk. I like both depth in the sound, old-fashion synth arpeggios, and very smooth clean beat. High quality driving  house-minimal-electro. Or perhaps we shall call it ambient-dance. I don’t know. I don’t give a f***/ We are not Pichfork here anyway.




Body Language – You Can (US)

Because I couldn’t make a chill-out music selection without Body Language (obviously).  Body Language is an Electro-Pop band from Brooklyn that mixes Dance, Funk, Soul, and Pop sounds to form interesting dance songs with intriguing beats and unique compositions. Made up of members Grant Wheeler, Matt Young, and Angelica Bess, this band understands what constitutes good Pop/Dance/Soul music, and provide listeners with good examples of these genres that have their own unique twist. Not just typical dance or pop music, these talented musicians offer songs that have more to them than just a good beat. My opinion is these guys surely have good knowledges in music.



Slowtrain Soul – In the black of the night (Denmark)

Because I love both melt hip hop and soul music. ‘Slow Train’ is now gettting to be a famous group in the interntional electro-groovy scene. Made of  Lady Z,  soul British singer, and Morten Varano, Danish artist and producer, these dude and dudette make their electronic music duo commit into nu jazz, trip-hop to the downtempo with a surprising ease. Lady Z  really has in her voice this hypnotic typically English thing we found on the first albums of Massive Attack, Smith’n’Mighty ou Morcheeba. So I mean, yes, she’s allowed to sing on the M.S.Blog today.



Ashley Slater – Private sunshine  (Canada)



Ashley Slater  is a Canadian born in California in 1976, then he moved to Scotland to study music and engage in the Royal Scots as a trombone player. It was also part of the National Centre for Orchestral Studies. Well, that’s not fun you gonna say. And you’re right. But now here comes the fun : after having turned more towards funk and groove in the 80’s,  he met Fatboy Slim, with whom he formed the band Freak Power….    Handyman to suit all contexts, Slater puts out naturally his works under the double sign of eclecticism and the mixing of genres. Sort of Barry Adamson with the only “lounge music” side, Slater compositions consist in a series of  soul and electro lanscapes, weaving with string naps some fluffy sound tapestries on which he only comfortably has to place his languid vocals. Good job man. Private sunshine is one of his best solo tracks. Very warm classy jazz in the real tradition of the american crooner of those days.



AIR – Modular mix (France)



Because AIR is good for the health. And because my Marcy and I, we met Jean-benoît in L.A, I’d like to dedicate this song to Marcy (maybe she’s reading this, we never know).  And because this 2003 track is still a gem of ambient music in 2012, as he perfectly mixes old fashion stuff with modernity. Well, that’s AIR style. And we like it.


Feist – The Water (Ambassadeurs Remix) UK_Brighton

-bonus  : Phalaeh -UK_Brighton

This song really gives the impression of a great race through the rainforest during monsoon. Brighton-based producer-dj Mark Dobson (aka Ambassadeurs) dropped this track a few month ago, which is a very classy, smooth and smart reconstruction of the (already marvellous)Feist ‘s “water” original track. The track is available for downloading on his souncloud page (


Lets’ be honest , WE LOVE  BRIGHTON, both for music and landscapes, but specially for music  (one of the best electronic music place in the world….)  and this year I’ve also discovered this guy : Phaeleh, coming from there .  Go check some of his works, you will like it. Phaeleh like putting asian influences in its works, that is very pleasant for home gym (yes i’ve tried it).



Nuspirit Helsinki – Silent Steps (Finland)



Nuspirit Helsinki was set up in 1998 by Tuomas Kallio and Hannu Nieminen. We know them very well for their work with Jazzanova . Equally inspired by cutting edge hip hop, nu soul, broken beat, two step and drum and bass sounds, Nuspirit’s musical mission is to fuse live organic instrumentation with warm, dubby electronic textures to produce soulful andsophisticated music that can be enjoyed on the dancefloor (and absolutly off the dancefloor aswell – Ive tried too, for you). Thank you N.H sometimes to heal my own ears, and still keeping up so high the international level of Hip Hop instru.

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