I agree that it’s so fucking lame that I only get around to posting every holiday but I’m a busy man @ Supersonic Creative and getting my 2-year old ready for her first real Halloween has not been easy. Today she wants to be a Monster-Fairy but fell asleep in her Wonder-Woman costume. Who know what tomorrow will bring. Candy for sure.  More frequesnt posts in 2013.  Lots planned for the new year at TheMusicSuperBlog.

So I thought I’d bring it with some ear-candy for your trick-or-treaters. I’m really stoked about this new band Couriers from TO and they just happen to have a song called “Halloween” so dig it but do yourself a favor and check out their other tunes.  Check out “ghosts by Chicago’s On An On who I am just loving right now.  Also had to throw in my favorite costume-video, “Tiger” by Cheeseburger, from 2007.  I’m a Mother-F*&king-Tiger!!!

I also had to shine light on a video “The Hazing” by Masia One featuring Death From Above 1979, directed by my old buddy Matt Burke shot in 2005 with über-talented-DP Joshua Allen and loads of cheap make-up. Still a great tune.

And finally I wanted to share with you a new artist out of Finland, where I participated in Music & Media 2012 and meet some fantastically interesting people with hearts of gold and amps humming.  No this is not death-metal but rather the opposite.  Floored by her stark, vulnerable and eerily intimate performance, I was moved to listen deeper and boy was there depth.  Mirel Wagner was born in Ethiopia and raised in Espoo Finland but is clearly a child of the globe and speaks to us all with her haunting voice and grim-reaper-like guitar-playing.  Tuesday is the Dia De Los Muertos (The Day of The Dead) so be respectful of this song people and have a very Happy Halloween!


1. COURIERS “Halloween”


2. ON AN ON “Ghosts”




4. MASIA ONE ft. DFA79 “The Hazing”


5. MIREL WAGNER “No Death”


… and remember, don’t eat apples from strangers.  Introduce yourself first.

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