My Five :: bye August !

Scratch Massive_Break Away :: dark wave_France

Scratch Massive is a duet made up in Paris with DJs Maud Geffray and Sébastien Chen. Nuit de Rêve is the 6th album since 2003,  a quite different album than the others : exit the rock spirts of “Enemy & Lovers” and else the techno attacks on “Time”!…  This time, it’s a whole piece of music from the 80’s which is invoked with the resurrection of the new wave fashion, relying on outrageous vintage synthesizers only.

S_M have removed some kind of the 80’s music classics hedonism, to only focus on the dark side of this synthetic music. And I like it.

“C’est lourd, parfois indigeste, mais finalement loin d’être ridicule.” It’s heavy, sometimes indigestible, but at the end, absolutly not ridiculous.  [Chroniques électroniques]

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Mitch Murder_Dharma003 LP :: 80’s fm pop_Sweden

Mitch Murder has perfectly captured (and understood) the real aesthetic of the big 80’s hits.. ;))   (-where so many have only half-succeeded before…). That’s all . No, really? Yes.

That’s very fun to suddenly be overflooded with tons of souvenirs, from those great time when FM synth pop bands were everywhere; on U.S Hollywood features films (did you say Top Gun..huh?),  japans cartoons, tv shows and radio stations. Well, if you’re born after 1985 : you might won’t understand this post. Though you perhaps will surprise yourself  when whispering some improvised melodies on Mitch Murder’s tracks.

ps. I think this guy is crazy. Moreover, I’d love to see how does his flat look like. Must be epic.



Saint Michel_Crooner’s Eyes :: Indie pop_France

They come from Versailles, the emblematic city around Paris where some of famous French have raised up (Daft Punk, AIR, Phoenix, SuperDiscount…). Well, you’ll say “that’s a good point for an upcoming band but not necessarily enough”. And I say you’re 100% right. But the second point is that they two guys are really inspired. Saint Michel play good music and affiliate themselves with talent in the very well known tradition of the French electronic pop’s school, serving up us five pieces enterprising and well adjusted in the coming EP,  out next September, 3.—Extended-Play-No.1-3700551730339.html?play=04

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Mr. Day_Head down in the water :: Rn’ B & Soul_France

Mr Day is a soul band from Lyon (east-France) , set up in 2001 and largely influenced (particularly) by Smokey Robinson & Curtis Mayfield (of course). Here is a band that makes revived a bit of the 60’s London Swinging, wherever he goes. Elegant in its looks and artistic choices, Eric Duperray (leader and main composer of Mr. Day) and his folks propose a quality Soul with the best spirit ever in France, without pretense but with the “idea”. And sideburns.

Mr. day : “Yes, there are actually more than serious winks at the scene mods! ..Even if there is not for us any literal membership to every codes of this culture. But it remains an inexhaustible source of inspiration and curiosity, a kind of intense playground between the American Jazz, Beatniks of the 50’s, either the Dolce Vita Vespa way of life or the Paris’ Saint Germain big times (…). The  60’s London Swinging wave is important to us as it draws and recompose in its own way, much of the Blues,  Rythm’n’blues, Rock’n’Roll, Soul, and Jamaican sounds too … “

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Washed Out_A dedication :: ChillWave_U.S

Why Washed out:

1/Because i don’t think i’ve posted something about him yet (at least I think).

2/Because this guy is very talented.

3/This new video out a few weeks ago.

4/I do whatever I want, since this, is my post.

5/ this video is very good.
W-O manages so well a languid lead voice combined with synth carpets and lo-fi beats. His work,  drowned in a large reverb ‘ is (to me) very nostalgic and romantic. A dream about past loves and, perhaps, those to come.


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