Payin’ Respect ::: STORIES “Brother Louie”

Not only is LOUIE my favourite show on television right now, but it also has my favorite theme song by a long shot.  It’s clever, not just because it’s called “Brother Louie‘ but because there is an interesting struggle behind the song (one of the earliest known hits about interracial relationships) and, as we all know, Louis CK, like most great artists, has been in a struggle to find his voice his whole career.  I don’t want to get into it too much becuase this is not a readin’-blog and I don’t got time to drop wisdom on you right now but check out the history on ‘Brother Louie‘, the famous song written for Hot Chocolate, one of the first interracial bands, and then given to a reletively new band, Stories, who knock it out of the park and take it up the charts and into our hearts.  Check out this amazing performance…


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