My 6 Spring shots !

Hello dudes & dudettes !

Thank you for being more and more people reading this blog !
I hope you are doin’ awesome and you enjoyed the latest great songs David has posted ! Ok so now is my turn to mail you a special early spring post, although I must admit the following music do not have much to do with spring. Right. Anyway. What’s new ? a department “scouting” where I will present (each time I want it (i’m kinda dictator anyway) a piece of music you readers+artists send to me  ! (When it’s good of course, otherwise, nope). After all music is made to be shared (legally of course AHAhahhahah – hmm .. French humor). In fact, I truly appreciate you sending to me new stuff. So in brief, thanks to be here, at the right place, at the right time and NOW… let’s talking about music+films ! Greetings from Paris !


1/Scouting !   Matt Longo – Aren’t you glad ?  (USA)

One morning, I received a mail from Matt telling “I found out about your work through the fantastic Music Superblog. If it weren’t for you, I would not be a fan of Family of the Year, which would be a terrible, terrible thing. “Let’s Go Down” is ridiculously exciting pop.”

Well.   I said to myself this Matt must be a good guy. Then, I listened to his music and really liked his track ” Aren’t you glad?” which i think is very funny and driving, and last but least could be used in a Wes Anderson film or any any kind of happy family advertising. This song reminds me of Paul Mc Cartney.

Matt Longo is a 25-year-old singer-songwriter from NYC who writes, performs and produces his own material with a collective of musicians who don’t mind coming in to record strings and horns at all hours of the night. You can drop him a line on :

Listen to the unplugged version :


or else, you can check this song with full instruments on his website :


2/ Sync in progress ! Klone – Army of me (France)

Very good metal band born in France in 1995, Klone has made one of the best cover i’ve ever heard in my life : the Bjork “Army of me”. That’s why when I’ve received a message a few days ago from a music supervisor colleague in L.A who needed some help to find out metal/ indus stuff to enhance some action scenes in a coming action film…. I immediatly sent it then.. it seems there’re many serious chances the Klone cover will be use. Why ? just shut up and listen to this blast.

for any information about klone : drop me a line on


3/ WHOUAHT A F*CKING Advertising ! Odyssée de Cartier (World)

Because on the MSB we also love beautiful pics, let me introduce you this marvellous ad. Shot in my fantastic Paris./


4/Well licensed ! Revl9n – Someone like you (Suede)

The electro-pop trio Revl9n (pronounced “Revlon Nine”) is a native of Sweden and consists of Maria Eilersen, Nandor Hegedüs and Asa Cerdergvist. The musicians began their musical adventure in the late 1990s with rhythms influenced by the style of 1980s rock and 1970s, inspired especially by Giorgio Moroder.

I love this track , and assume i’m not the only one as we can see it currently used in many ad thru Europe! Funny video aswell. I Love this shifted mood.


5/Remix talent !  Seven Lions – You got to go /remix (USA)

Official bigraphy says : “A man of very few words, Seven Lions, nee Jeff Montalvo, chooses to let his basslines do the talking for themselves. A brand-new producer coming in blazing hot thanks to an official endorsement from super-group Above & Beyond (currently number 5 on the world’s Top 100 DJs)…”

I love this track, his depth,  massive carpet, sharp rythm edit. A perfect mix of old fashioned synth and modern Dubstep sounds’ technics.


6/Gotta license it ! Robin Foster – A collapsing light (France- England)

Robin Foster is an English guitarist and composer. Former guitarist of the bands “Beth” and “Moneypenny”, he began a solo career starting in 2006. Installed in Britain since 1997, he knows a growing popularity in France.

I really fell in love with the L.P shipped to my office. Then, I went to see him on stage a few days later in Paris. It was a serious amazing time. Yes indeed, his show melts some genres as Sigur Ros, Nirvana (In Utero) , and Coldplay. I swear.

for any informations about Robin, hit me on


for any information about Robin : drop me a line on

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