Adrien’s winter 2012 new european four !

Hey dudes and dudettes. This week, I bring you 4 good stuff , 1 by genre : hip-hop, ethereal electro, rock-metal, pop.  All perfect for different kinds of licenses.. Much talent in here! I told you.


ASM (A State of Mind) – Don’t Look Back  :: LAB’ORATOIRE (UK – France)

is the first single from ASM’s new album “CROWN YARD”. A real bomb signed to the Wax Tailor’s label ‘LAB’ORATOIRE’. Bottle-fed with the Native Tongue (De la Soul, A Tribe Called Quest …), the ASM have thrown into the pot all their influences, soul, funk, but also reggae to create their own style. More, ASM is mostly the story of a three young globetrotters meeting, one English (Fade, DJ and composer), a German (FP, MC) and a Canadian (T Green, MC) determined to set a bridge between the golden age of hip hop and the music of tomorrow. Reminds me of Jurassic 5, Buckshot leFonque. The whole album is a jewel anyway: the result is pretty successful, classy and relevant. The musical melting is a nice consistency, the swing emanating from it gives a bit of trouble in our neck and the bass ends gently shake the guts while giving the listener the impression of a warm wrap!

for more details about this band & contacts, or if you wanna grab the album,  drop me a line on :


Purity ring – Lofticries :: TRANSPARENT (UK)

Purity Ring is the futuristic pop project of Corin Roddick and Megan James. Purity Ring makes lullabies for the club, drawing equally from airy 90s r&b, lush dream pop, and the powerful immediacy of the very best modern indie pop. Megan James’ remarkable voice is at once ecstatic and ethereal, soaring joyfully through Roddick’s carefully chopped beats, trembling synths, and past her perfect counterpoint – a ghostly pitched-down vocal which both underscores hooks and renders the entire musical backdrop beautifully alien. The band erupted out of the gates in early 2011 with its first single “Ungirthed” b/w “Lofticries”, released on notable UK label Transparent, garnering praise from tastemakers such as Pitchfork (who awarded Best New Track to the A-side), the Guardian, and the FADER.

They become one of my favorite bands aswell! Those guys know how to handle dance beats, shoegaze influences, lo-fi synth-pop, filters and other effects. To me, they are among those new bands who might invent the “new trip-hop”. Good news.

BlackBomb A – Enemies of the state :: AT(h)OME (France- Scotland)

Black Bomb A is a French band of neo hardcore formed in late 1995 in Paris. With its original and aggressive style, Black Bomb Ä has managed to acquire a high profile in the European metal scene. The group which has the particularity to have always had two singers, just welcome a new one from Scotland : Shaun Davidson. The BBA’s hardcore is declined in all its forms: groovy (Come On Down), punchy (Enemies Of The State) or else nervous (Pedal to The Metal) .. The duo bass guitar-drums is still as powerful and perfectly controlled as ever plus the guitar parts are strong and sharp. That is pure Black Bomb A.

for more details about this band & contacts, or if you wanna grab the album,  drop me a line on :


Mungo Park – Pilgrim :: THIRD SIDE RECORDS (France)  // BRAND NEWW!!!!!!

Mungo Park is a French quintet. Here is a track taken from their debut E.P, available since December 1, 2012. In France, it is broadcast on various French radios networks. Mungo Park, named after the famous english explorer and hero of TC Boyle’s fantastic novel “Water Music”, mixes African vibes, syncopated beats and cristal clear melodies. The band travels effortlessly across time and space, one giant step after another. Hailing from France and Cameroun, the quintet’s 1st single aptly named Pilgrim is a little marvel.

for more details about this band & contacts, or if you wanna grab the album,  drop me a line on :


for more details about this band & contacts, or if you wanna grab the album,  drop me a line on :

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