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Hi everybody
Back after the excellent music exhibition of Tel Aviv, I’m glad this week to present you 4 music bombs from the France area, and one more from Tel Aviv (normal . yeah in fact I brought back some good stuff in my luggage). So, here are in this review five pop formations, hyper-motivated, original, funny -and supervised by producers completely passionate and innovative. I love it. I also come in the same time to introduce you to Gordon, my parents’ dog (so in a sense my little adopted brother. I love it too.) – as you can see, who likes to have his breakfast alone sometimes. I am increasingly convinced that this guy is a poet. You can also ask me sometimes some news of Gordon (aka Gordy’ if you intimately know him ). I will be happy to tell you his adventures. Now for example, he’s dealing hard with a love affair, plus he recently met his brothers and sisters he had not seen since a long time –hmpf.  since the birth time actually…Yes Indeed, the Bull Terriers are not those kind of people to send each others postcards sometimes.


CONCORDE_Candy_boy – Sister Records.


Concorde, previously known as Candy Clash, is a French quartet. The group released a debut E.P, “EP 79”, in 2009. Concorde has collaborated with Fujiya & Miyagi and Julian Casablancas. Here is a track taken from their new album  available since January 2011 in France. What we like is their music is light and simple but at the same time constituted with bass-drums rhythmic foundation quite strong. Their refined tunes calls for several exotic influences and sounds (like vampire weekend indeed), but also keeping a real asset of the well done melody.

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CONCRETE_KNIVES_Brand_new_start  – Aka Publishing.


Concrete Knives is a French group. The band was voted “Best newcomer” at the festival “Transmusicales de Rennes” and was awarded the “Prix Chorus des Hauts-De-Seine” in 2010. Here is a track taken from their debut E.P, available since April 2011.  They constantly refine an indie pop that could make a lot of attention on them when it’ll be ready to hatch for good. The lucky ones were able to see the band on stage during the last gigs will not contradict that.  As evidence of their great potential, the melody of “Brand New Start” imposes itself – going now to spread the underground medias around Europe. Watch out.

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HYPNOLOVE_Holiday_reverie – Record Makers.


Hypnolove is a French trio, originating from Toulouse (South of France) and made up of Thierry Moreira, Henning Specht and Nicolas Sentenac. Hypnolove electro sounds are delivered in German, English, Italian and Portuguese language. Thanks to their many gigs, the French label Record Makers (Air, Sébastien Tellier) spotted the group and decided to sign them in 2004. In 2006, the group put out its debut album “Eurolove”. Hypnolove also remixed Sébastien Tellier (“La Ritournelle”, “Fingers Of Steel”), Findlay Brown (“Promised Land”), Showgirls (“Foolin’ Around”), Siobhan Donaghy (“Don’t Give It Up”), Go Go Charlton (“The Wise’s Daughter”). Here is a track taken from their new E.P, available since a few time ago.  “Holiday Reverie” is the tube of the season par excellence, that we want to play in the sun when it’s hot. The recipe consists of Hypnolove full effects: synths, basses, guitars afro, arpeggios, funky percussion and inimitable voice: the very definition of an original song. Some people say THIS is a great track to make love … Those people tellin’ dat are really young suckers ! We all know that Stan Getz, Gilberto Gil or Marvin Gaye’s tracks are the best for that !…hmpf. hum. Well. It’s not me saying that, baby, it’s Gordon.

LOve this video. You have to see it with a very good sense of humor.

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IM_TAKT_Afrika – Upton Park Publishing.

Im Takt is a French group created in 2009. The group won the “Jeunes Charrues” talent contest for midland Brittany (France) in 2010. Im Takt has already performed alongside Nasser, Adam Kesher, Vitalic or Etienne De Crécy. Here is a track taken from their debut E.P, available since April 2011. Worthy heirs of the electronic bands of the 80s, “Im Takt” also catch the trend in the air. The influence of LCD Soundsystem or Vampire Weekend is really not far away – LCD Soundsystem to the rhythmic aspect of the songs and Vampire Weekend for the use of African guitar that made the reputation of the group. And this is Africa, which is featured in the song you just heard. “Afrika” starts on a zouk rhythm then became more conventional. But the African chorus & guitar very existing here invite to a journey into the heart of the big cities of that great continent. They’ve recently toured France as opening for Metronomy. And this is not by chance, but talent.

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Umlala_ My Pdf Files – Jonathan Lipitz Music.

I discovered these guys by chance on location during the exhibition’s nights gigs of the france Israel Music Forum @ Tel Aviv 10 days before and found ’em absolutely amazing. The Jerusalem based band ‘Umlala’ is an experimental music project, that has accomplished a strong presence in their local scene. Their charismatic performance and abstract lyrics immediately attracted the media’s attention as well as a devoted crowd. Coming from different musical backgrounds, as well as holding varied future ambitions, the band managed to unite their abilities and inspirations to create a unique sound they all gain vast gratification from. The band name is drawn from the Hebrew language and its actual translated meaning is ‘miserable’. LOL. However the atmosphere the band creates when performing contradicts this meaning as they have been able create an infectious release. Gordy loves Umlala. So I do.

for more details about this band & contacts, drop me a line on :







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