And now for something completely different…

It’s been an interesting month as the summer winds down. We’ve been doing this blog for almost half a year now and we are going to tinker with the formula a bit to make theMSB a little more awesome.  One thing we hope you will do right away is “Like” us on Facebook  We need the community to grow so we can offer you more and we figure, FB is a great place to spread the word.  So please spread the word.  Hashtag #TheMSB on twitter o rjust retweet my shit because I’m always on top if TheMSB.

This week my post is going to explore some brand new music from here in Canada that will blow your mind, a dope video by Holy Ghost featuring my wife, Ali’s, favorite singer, Michael McDonald.  I’m also lucky to be able to sharea scene from an indie feature film that I’m music-supervising.  I put the task to YOU to VOTE on your favorite song for the scene.  Finally we are working on a spicey little mix for our MSB ‘friends’ on facebook.  The mix will feature Brienne, Susan, Adrien and my own favorite independent music for our respective ‘scenes’.

>>> SLEEPLETTERS “Holding Cell” ::: Debut

Bartel is Andrew Harris.  He likes to listen to rocks (see video) but rest assured, Andrew Harris, is a fucking genius.  Sleepletters is his new project with fellow sound-designer/composer Kevin Chanmberlain. Kevin works at Vapor (full disclosure) and is our key sound designer and our resident sweet-voice.  I’ve always loved his vulnerable vocal tone and his delicate and desperate delivery works so well in this new Sleepletters tune “Holding Cell”.

This project is so new that they only have 3 songs and no idea how to get their music out there.  Here’s the first kick at that can.  Ready, 1-2-3…. whack!  Kickoff!  Sleepletters is now live and they are poised to perk-up ears around the world.  With their infectious grooves, haunting vocals and chilled-out etherial vibe, Sleepletter’s debut single “Holding Cell”

Bartel x Artificial Rock (Vancouver BC)


Bonus: Kevin Chamberlain covers Hayden “Between Us To Hold”




Best song of the summer.  Well a bit late but it gets my vote.  Old meets new in this disco-electro-madness seeing the greatest Doobie Brother of all, Michael McDonald ,team up with NYC electro-heads HOLY GHOST! on this whirling track that will get deep into your bones and may result in uncontrollable sudden urges to kick out old-school-disco-moves.  See below and see if you can dance along…



>>> TALK SUPE: Music Supervision dissected.

Overcoming Today’s Synch Marketplace Challenges (Jason M. Moore 2011)

This is a must-read for anyone interested in Music Supervision.  But don’t worry I couldn’t read it in one sitting either.  Jason M. Moore of Los Angeles based Steuco Recordings ( compiled, what must be, the most comprehensive dissection of the ‘Music Supervision Industry’ in the world.  Jason’s music has been heard on shows like 24 and Cabin Fever, but he really branches out here to everyone in the industry who contributed to his survey’s, interviews and insights.  The report is hefty but there are lots of charts and lists that are worth checking out even if you are mildly interested in what we do.

From the report….

In her interview, Music Supervisor Andrea von Foerster, whose work has been featured in the Emmy-winning hit show Modern Family as well as in the films It’s Kind of a Funny Story and (500) Days of Summer, succinctly stated the sentiment most echoed by the Music Supervisors who participated in this project: “The current appetite for music is incredible and budgets aren’t what they used to be. I don’t know if we will ever fully recover and go back to the heyday of the 1990’s, so we have to adjust the way we do things as Music Supervisors”.


Yes, I also think it’s nuts that the video-trailer for this report, has no music under it.  WTF!  Well, maybe if your an independent band that thinks your song would be perfect for that video (frankly anything is better than nothing) then send an mp3 with a note of permission to  Have fun with that Jason.  😉

Until next time…


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  1. Where's geoff says:

    No mention of Geoff Price, the killer drummer of Sleep Letters??

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