My Weekly Five (Adrien Simonnet) – September 2011

Give Me Your Life” by Skip the Use (Rock, France, 2011, Polydor / Universal)

New Trend.

After ten years of activism within the punk group Carving, Matt Bastard (singer) fund Skip the Use in 2007 with new musicians.

This brand new band full of energy gives way to ample rooms for melodies and invigorating guitar breaks. Skip The Use entered the studio after having built a solid live reputation, furthermore we know they have been spotted when supporting Rage Against the Machine tour in Portugal.

These guys have nothing of pre-pubescent teens and their music is a pleasant mix of rock, punk and disco which earned them comparisons with Bloc Party quite often. What else? Anyway it is already a good comparison.

That’s true, there are many tracks with driving electro beat (Dr House, Give Me, Antislavery) but let’s not forget that there is a significant rock n’roll basis with kickin’ guitars…The band can use it very smartly over and over the songs as they also get the listener dancing, according to their videos’ gigs from the huggest European festivals last months.

In September 2011 Skip the Use release the EP “Sound From The Shadow” with 5 unreleased tracks, waiting for the main album to be released by Universal in 2012.

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Fat bass” by Silvouplay (Fat Electro, France, 2010, Osorno Records – Discograph)

Personal Song.

The project of SILVOUPLAY was born like that, in a room in 2002, from that crazy idea of two guys to let confront the machines and many instruments (guitars, keyboards, drum machines, vocoders and other footswitches).

Silvouplay delivers very smart electro pop club through influences of rock and minimalist techno. Blasting techno rythm though .

You can feel the influences of Chemical Brothers to boost the electronic music side, but also that of Jimi Hendrix, Radiohead or even Pink Floyd for a Rock’n Roll and harmonies touch.

No doubt that Silvouplay is a duet that we’ll hear on the dancefloor around the world in very short time. Their sound including pure massive digital beat and thick drive bass has nothing to envy in Justice or Daft Punk… In addition, these guys really play live. You are warned= !

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Darling, darling, darling ” by Chapelier Fou (Pop- Classic, France, 2009, Ici d’ailleurs – Discograph)

Under-appreciated Artist that I love.

Louis Warynski aka CHAPELIER FOU studied violin at the conservatory but has escaped it before finally come back to deepen the theoretical side of music.

Tasting electronica  during his high school years, he has aswell experimented the sampling and finally think that it is more interesting to create his own sounds and loops that can be overdubbed with his violin, keyboards, synth naps, beats, and guitar …

At only 26 years old, this artist enforce an uniqueness rarely found in other artists. Only one on stage, he impresses with high-flying performances that make him one of the most wonderful discoveries of major European festivals last years. Every gigs are sold out these days.

He spreads his talent in a vast musical universe, spanning many areas between classical and electronic music.

We know that CHAPELIER FOU sometimes feeds his creation of improvised tricks, but he also likes to begin from a very theoretical top idea or an underlying logic that can be purely conceptual, often invisible to the listener yet moved to an almost cinematic world.

His label is the very French famous one : Ici d’ailleurs. This one which already has a beautiful story with a music legend… Yann Tiersen (Amélie from Montmartre’s score and performer). Thus, all we need is to wish Chapelier Fou had the same success…And it looks he’s on the right trail.

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Crushing Silence ” by Lyynk (Indus, France, 2006-present, Self-distributed)

A gem.

Lyynk is a French multi-instrumentalist, composer, record producer. During his youth, he began playing classical piano Music and studying the music theory at a high level. But his inspirations also remained NiN, Depeche Mode, Deftones, Ministry, The Hacker, Tweaker, Kate Bush and many, many else… He then went on creating music and playing bass guitar in various metal metal hardcore bands, feeding that way his pronounced taste for massive sounds. After being involved with a very well-known French Keyboards’ store in the end-90s, Lyynk quickly became one of the most respected European specialists in the keyboards machines and analog sound synthesis. In the meantime, he began to set up his own studio, creating, recording and mixing his own electro rock music, which later ignited several concert halls and music websites in the mid-00’s, making his own style and name – a must. In 2005, in collaboration with Jenx he composed the score for the Andrew Leman movie of Lovecraft’s ‘The Call of Cthulhu’, lifting up many atmospheres of the film to a climax.

Since this time, Lyynk get more and more score commands and has also joined Jenx for their 2012 upcoming album and European tour. In the meantime, he still contributes to many other artists’ albums, especially as a remix artist. His recent works include Plastic Machine or else the Depeche Mode’s ” Waiting for the night ” remix ordered by Mute Records for their Tribute LP.

Lyynk’s music is either groovy or moving, but every time powerful. That’s why we‘re lots of people every waiting for all his coming creations… His clever melting of harmonies, thick analog sounds and heavy driven guitar are always a delight for Indus lovers because it’s a kind of pretty head banging machine. Moreover, it’s a tasty experience for music lovers in general, as you can feel this guy control everything.

For all infos about this artist, drop me a line at :


Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 OST” (Rock INvAsion ! , USA, 2000, Neversoft – Activision)

Music Supervisor’s choice.  Applicant for the Licensing Hall of Fame.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2  is a must game within the Tony Hawk’s series ; the game met with a tremendous amount of critical and commercial success (it is the twentieth best scoring video game ever, according to GameRankings).

3 reasons for this September MSB focus (aw well I’d rather say a tribute) about THPS2 :

_reason one : Yeah indeed I have a part of  my youth stored in this shit.

_reason two : Oww MaNNN C’mon!!  ‘See this wickedddd playlist ???

1. “Papa Roach – Blood Brothers”     2. “Anthrax Ft. Chuck D. of Public EnemyBring The Noise”     3. “Rage Against the MachineGuerrilla Radio”     4. “Naughty by Nature – Pin the Tail on the Donkey”     5. “Bad Religion – You”     6. “Powerman 5000When Worlds Collide”     7. “MillencolinNo Cigar”     8. “The High and Mighty feat. Mos Def & Mad Skillz – B-Boy Document 99″     9. “Dub Pistols – Cyclone”     10. “Lagwagon – May 16″     11. “Styles of Beyond – Subculture”     12. “Consumed – Heavy Metal Winner”     13. “Alley Life ft. Black Planet – Out With the Old”     14. “Swingin’ Utters – Five Lessons Learned”     15. “Fu Manchu – Evil eye (On other edition only)”

_reason three : Ok, The third reason is a little bit more serious. That collaboration between a game and music is one of the best sync success story of all time. That means when the music makes the game to be so pretty and funny (equals= commercial $ucces$..), and the game make the soundtracks’ bands become very –very famous everywhere (thanks to the benefits of maaaaassive video games distribution).  Is that a great partnership? Yes, it is. And the both two worth it.

Anyway, there’s no contest to say THPS2 since 1999 has really contributed to make some of the tracklisted American band being either very popular in Europe or sometimes be simply known. I’ve never been a huge fan of gaming, but I don’t know why playing this one was so cheerful. Today I know, specially when I put Fu Manchu in the player: oh mamma.. I really feel ready for the action. Hey dudeeee ! gimme the board.

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