MY FIVE: A collection of songs from along the False River (Louisiana)

1.The Milk – “(All I wanted was) Danger ::: New Discovery

I felt the an urge to say something fresh and/or lactose-tolerance related here, but instead I’m just going to focus on the fact that this band is excellent and fun, and I just recently found out about them.  Gets you excited like a sugary shake.

2. Sister Suvi – “Golden (Common Cloud, 2009) ::: Under appreciated

tUne-YaRds are all the rage lately: they’re interesting, quirky, oh-so-NPR and take extra effort to type on a keyboard (almost exceeding the offbeat-cute-factor with the galling aspect of typing all those caps and lower cases, ugh).  This is the lesser known and older project between Merrill Garbus from tUne-YaRds, and Nico Dan & Patrick Gregoire from Islands…. and it is super cool.

The voice is just as distinct,  but there’s all sorts of fascinating layers of sound and builds. This particular song from Now I Am Champion, sounds like a mild Zeppelin incarnation of with all the dirty guitars and vocals that smudge into one another and surge into a crescendo that just begs to be …well… appreciated.

3. Uncle Tupelo – “Black Eye” ::: Personal fave

It just doesn’t get any better than this.  Young Jeff Tweedy just does something to me that is singularly unique in the way I crave it every once in a while. This song in particular can never stay on repeat long enough…. the raw timbre of his voice and the  complexity of the guitar within such a simple structure, are so perfect together.

4. Tommy Tucker “Sign of the Judgement” ::: Oddity /Rarity/ Gem

Found this one on a compilation called “That Old Lonesome Sound”… Splicemusic gathered a bunch of great bands (Wye Oak, Phosphorescent, Deer Tick, among them), to record their favorite old  folk songs…..

You can download “THE OLD LONESOME SOUND” Compilation, HERE

This one, by Baltimore artist Tommy Tucker, sounds like its an old recording, until the middle of the song when it kicks up to present day.  There’s just a certain savage-charm to the drums and vocals formula.

5. Twin Peaks Theme – Angelo Badalamenti ::: Music Supervision Pick

Lets get one thing straight: David Lynch. (ok, technically its two things…).  Aside from the fact that his mind works in the most brilliant of ways, he knows how to assemble parts and pieces that translate his bizarre and enveloping worlds into something of motion and picture… and Angelo Badalamenti’s score is one of those pieces that made the Twin Peaks experience come together.

Twin Peaks would not have been the zany, crazy universe that it was without the assembly of those undeniably quirky musical themes.  I seriously have no idea how he did it, but the score aligns perfectly with all of the shows eccentricities, while paying wink-and-nod homage to all the cheesy soap-opera scores of 90’s daytime TV.  How is it possible to be strange, dissonant, ironic and insulting, while also just kicking proverbial soundtrack ass?

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