MY FIVE (David Hayman)

1. “HOUSE OF BALLOONS / GLASS TABLE GIRLS by WEEKND (2011, Self-Released) ::: new discovery

This is not R&B, this is not soul, this is not electro, this is not a band, this is however a very dope song by an artist named Abel Tesfaye from Toronto (and yes, he’s friend’s with Drake) who dropped the ‘e’ and is known as WEEKND.  In short, I think this is the future of urban-pop.  This guy is ahead of the curve and because it borrows from so many musical facets, I find that it is appealing to anyone with an open mind.  If you are reading this blog, then this chilled track is for you this Canada D’eh!  @theweekndxo

Link to Download “house of balloons” & “what you need”


2. “WAIT WAIT WAIT” performed by HANNI EL KHATIB (2010, Fat Possum)  ::: personal song

Why is this my first personal-song.  So many reasons.  One it’s Hanni El Khatib and I have fallen head-over-heals for this dudes raw blues-tinged rock.  I also cry every damn time this song plays.  I’ll admit it.  The story is just too sad and reminds me how precious life is and how important it is to be with your lover right to the very end.  Check out more of Hanni’s knife-fight-music’ at @HanniElKhatib


3. “THE OTHER SHOE” by Fucked Up (2011, XL Beggars) ::: under-appreciated

“Art is anything you can get away with” – Andy Warhol.  That says it all about this band that has managed to stay true to their punk roots while borrowing elements of shoegaze, screamo and metal.  Frontman Damian Abraham is a take-no-shit star who reminds me equally of John Goodman as he does GG Allen.  If this song doesn’t pump you the fuck up then you need a pulse-check.  Toronto’s Fucked Up are on fire!  The rest of the world needs to get on board all fucking ready. Fucked-Up takes over the world in 2012.  That’s my prophecy. @leftfordamian @davidcomes2life


4. “KANYE MEHNA” by Lenlow [Cake vs Kanye West] (2006, undistributed) ::: oddity/rarity/gems

This is how I boogie… a bit like a Muppet with a Cake groove and a healthy serving of Kanye’s swagger.  I know this track, by mash-up artist Lenlow, is not new but this song has everything I love from the horns, to the bass-vocals, the smooth flow, the fucking MUPPETS!  I guess I have a soft spot for them and appreciate how the Muppet-infusion brings levity to Kanye’s cynical perspective which has only grown more tiresome since 2006.  This is what my hip-hop band would sound like if I had any talent or talented friends.

Link to download via


5. “If There is Something” by Roxy Music (1972, Island/Reprise) ::: music placement-love

What I love about music supervision can be summed up in this scene from the independent film Flashbacks of a Fool” where in a flash-back scene we see actor Robert Emile (dressed as Bryan Ferry ’72) and Felicity Jones lip-sing to the song. This is how I felt about every girl I ever had a crush on.  They were 100% together and I was just hanging in there trying to get the words right.  Music Supervisor Liz Gallacher and director Baillie Walsh truly captured the strange beauty of youthful intimacy.

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